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August 28, 2008



I think that Barack Obama's campaign made a grave mistake in using Bruce Springstein's, "Born in the USA." I really don't know why the (mostly U.S.) media and large political groups keep thinking that Asian and Asian Americans, aren't part of the American community. The song, "Born in the USA," describes the Vietnamese enemy as the "yellow-man." I wonder how people would react if another Presidential campaign used a derogatory word for another ethnicity. I think that ethnicity and the rest of America would be in outrage. Obama has a lot of power and he no longer is the champion of the common man, but a powerful political machine. Ready to plow down anything and anyone in his way. Do passive, submissive Asians really have a chance against the Obama-Biden juggernaut? I am Asian American, and I do not support Obama anymore. Any man with that much power thinks he can get away with a slight mock at the Asian-man and it'll just go unnoticed? This is racism at its clearest!

asian american hockey mom

Hey Glenn, I am an Asian American and am NOT PASSIVE OR SUBMISSIVE! You are the insulting one, which leads me to believe YOU ARE NOT ASIAN AT ALL! Good old Republicans trying to make a problem where there isn't one.

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