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January 14, 2008


Ary Hasbun

What does this Asian group individuals think they are coming to the United States and trying to openly black mail the political system with such a low demand as to having the candidates sign an agreement (why should any candidate sign agreements to get someone's vote? that is the same as black mail! The FBI should get involved in this issue<>for we American are caught in the hypocritical and bewitch platform<>GET REAL AMERICA and stop outsiders from influencing politics with tactics that don't work even in their communist states, or military and socialist nations (Go back to where ever you came from and serve your government for those changes you most desire) to consider Asian (I am sure they ment Chinese) for Federal Judges? If, you don't like it, go bach to your great communist state and live under your government political system. You are openly black mailing the Government of the UNITED STATES of America and we will speak against it. You don't even trust your own people, why should we trust any of them?

Ary Hasbun

First of all
Learn to speak English, and this is not only for you Asians coming to this country and reserving the right to go about like you are living in China, no! This is for everyone coming to America (from any corners of the world). Besides, a lot of us believe Immigration should not grant a citizenship to anyone unless they have had taken at least several classes covering History, Political Science, and other basic subject that would provide a more expected knowledge from those wanting to become Americans.

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