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July 09, 2008



Obama makes fun of Asians being short:


Do you want a President who makes Asian jokes on national TV?

Ramey Ko

I'll take jokes about being short over being called a gook by John McCain any day.

Besides, Obama was stating a fact; many folks I know from Hawaii have mentioned numerous times that AAPIs in Hawaii are shorter on average and that was even more the case in the 70s when Obama was in high school. While I would never condone going around mentioning this for no reason, it does make a very real difference when you play competitive basketball. Obama's fellow athletes in high school have also noted that he was only able to dunk regularly because he usually played against a smaller group of opponents; he's tall, but not THAT tall.


Ramey Ko,

Every day, Asians all over the U.S. are taunted and harassed by blacks, and you're willing to take it, huh?

One reason blacks like to harass Asians more than other groups is because Asians just take the abuse and don't fight back.

You fit the streotype of passive Asian bullied time and again by blacks.

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